“Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are.”

-Arthur Golden

Free Time~!

I have leisure time! For the first time in months!! THIS IS SO EXCITING!

I just found out that Super Junior is launching Super Show 4, WORLDWIDE!!!! Not just Asia, but WORLDWIDE~

Which means somewhere in North America. Which means another concert. And I really hope it's close. Cause I really want to go. XXXDDDDD

On a completely different note, maybe I should start writing again...hehe^^

Things on my mind...

Just to get it out there, I've come to the point where I can't be less than proud of where they are now. I've recently come to realize how lucky we are that Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu decided to stay together, rather than each going on their own separate path.  I can't help but be happy for them, and Yunho and Changmin, and be ridiculously excited for all of their songs and activities.

It's just that watching things like their All About TVXQ and all these funny and adorable random videos make me wish that there was more recent that showed us their true selves.

I guess it's a little selfish of me, but it's coming in the heels of my absolute joy that I can still have anything to do with them. I guess without realizing it, I've become a fan that'll be a fan through thick and thin...

(I need to stop watching sentimental videos when it's late at night. More like I need to stop watching them all day. Spring Break is not an adequate excuse...)


It's almost midnight, and I'm sitting here listening to THSK's Proud.

And I realized, that I have to be proud of them. No matter what happenes, I am proud of them. And that will never change.

I'm proud of JYJ. I'm proud of HoMin. I'm proud of TVXQ.

Watching them perfor it live, it really truly hit me that I may never see them stanging together on stage again. I may never see them confort each other, laugh with each other and be with each other a five ever again. And I came to the conclusion that I have to accept that.

Because no matter what happend, is happening, or will happen, they are still the five boys, men, that I fell in love with.

I will support them. I will be proud. Until the end of time...


Crying... (Side Note: Happy)

TVXQ has once again stepped into Japan. I don't know who's watched the Music Station....but I cried. Because it was so good seeing them in Japan.

And their hand clasp! *bawling* Yunho's face was like, "I can't do this anymore." and Changmin and his little nod was like, "Yes you can. We can do this."


Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it. Either way, I hope they can be big again...


Happy Belated Birthday to Jaejoong!!! ^^

Sadness...and Weirdness

So I got a new phone today, under a different phone company. And I had to do this setup thing that my old number had to be transferred to my new phone.

It's got a lot of unnecessary gadgets.....and nothing practical....or fun....like cool backgrounds or games. And it won't let me change the time. And it has no voice recording system.......It's cool. But I have to admit I have better. My old phone didn't have any of that. But I guess I just got used to it. Bu't I'm going to miss that old thing....T.T

They said I had to keep my new one off for half an hour, about ten minutes of it is left now. And I'm suddenl really sad because I'm not going to be able to use my old phove ever again.....T.T. And I reall liked that phone! Granted it wasn't techy or up to the times. In fact, it was a really really really old phone that I first got when att was still cingular. And it's always been the backup ohone that is just indestructable that I've used when all my other phones broke.....

Nooooo~~~~~!!!! It's been unregistered already.....

Is it weird that I'm about to cry over a phone that's probably a decade old???

JYJ and HoMin

Okay, so I recently found the need to talk about them.

Of course I want them together better than anything. But I don't want them to do it because everyone else wants them to. This recent twitter episode got me thinking. Well, more.

My sister, who found TVXQ/THSK before i did, said that if they broke up, and let it get to the point that they formed different groups, they must not have liked each other. and i refused to believe her. I just would not. I believed, and still do, that they liked each other, it was just the contracts, and i would support them even if they were separate. I would buy both their new albums, just like i bought the albums with all five of them.

But now. I don't know anymore. I want to keep thinking that they'll get back together. I want to keep thinking that they don't hate each other. i want to think that all they're trying to do is get in contact with each other and make their frustrations clear. That's with the twitter, the song lyrics, the interviews.

SM artists are defending HoMin, and I just don't know what to think anymore. The situation has gotten out of hand. I just want them all to be on good terms~~!!! T.T

Oh and their anniversary that just passed!!!!!!! I cried. I could not help myself. The HoMin video message was so good to see and their Christmas greeting were adorable but I cried.


Happy New Year everybody!!!!! May you all have a healthy and prosperous year!

I, for one, have finished my farewells to the old year, and my welcome to the new year, which just so happens to be the year of the rabbit. After being filled up with good food and fun times, I hope to face the coming new year, and the impending end of winter break, with poise and courage. Hopefully, I won't be freaking out tomorrow at the thought of school. Though I think that's too much to hope for, considering I'm doing just that right now... But I shall be glad that I remembered to post this before the second. ^^

On a lighter note, happy 2011!!!!!!!